In a digital age, the ability to stream and play music is as simple as the flick of a finger. Anyone with a smart phone or tablet has the ability to stream endless titles and so with our Bluetooth speaker range, you can jump on the band wagon and provide the right solution to allow maximum enjoyment. All the time promoting your brand, logo or slogan to a wider audience.

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Bex Bluetooth Speaker

SYNTH. Speaker

Fashion fabric Bluetooth® speaker

BoomBox speaker (dark blue)

Buzz Charging Speaker wireless charger (white)

WRIST. Speaker

Greedo Bluetooth® aluminium speaker

Rubik’s® Bluetooth® speaker

BoomBox speaker (orange)

Buzz Charging Speaker wireless charger (black)

CURIE. Waterproof speaker

Seneca wooden Bluetooth® speaker

S10 Bluetooth® 3-function speaker

BoomBox speaker (red)

Cubix Speaker (white)

TEDS. Speaker with microphone

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