An essential item to have at hand whether that be at home or at work. Great to have in the clubhouse, or simply as part of your team kit. We have many different sized supply capabilities with individual products through to full first aid kits. Take a look and see what might be the best option for you.

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Haste 10-piece first aid kit

First Aid Kit Box Large first aid kit (red)

Christian 5-piece plaster box

Stripe Plaster Box plasters (white)

Alexander 30-piece first aid waterproof bag

Stripe Plaster Box plasters (red)

Frederik 24-piece first aid plastic case

Vincent 12-piece first aid tin box

Valdemar 16-piece first aid keyring pouch

Henrik mouth-to-mouth shield in polyester pouch

Healer 16-piece first aid kit

Handies 46-piece first aid kit and safety vest

Plaster Dispenser (Spot Colour Print)

First Aid Kit Box Small (white)

First Aid Kit Box Small (blue)

First Aid Kit Box Small (red)

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