Our promotional pencil and crayon sets make for the perfect gift or giveaway. Handy as part of an event or promotion, fun and games are guaranteed, all with your brand in plain site of potential customers, clients or parents of those children who may receive a nice treat.

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MEMLING. Pencil box with 6 coloured pencils

Doodle Pencil Set

CHAMELEON. Flexible pencil

Tube Colouring Set

CAR. Rubber set

Colouring Crayons

PARROT. Pack of 4 chalk sticks

Colouring Case Sets

NovaSet writing set (wood)


Pastelli coloured pencils (wood)

BRENTANO. Set of pencils

MasterOfArt colour set (wood)

CROCO. Pencil box with 12 coloured pencils

NewTalent colour set (brown)

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